Saturday, May 14, 2011

Xenophobia - The Pictures

Second baby arrives. These grabs were taken from a short documentary titled
ARD German TV- "Weltspiegel": "Xenophobia"
June 2008 16:8

Krissmonne loved the babies she
did not only give up her room
she also donated her double
bed to one of the

My seconds of "fame"
For three months we shared everything with "foreigners" in our home.  We were assisted by the Red Cross and two Churches, The Methodist Church in Primrose Cornestone Church in Bedfordview. At times my house was totally overcrowded, specially over week ends when family also came to visit. It stetched our financial sitution to breaking point God provided, as He always does. These were the first two ladies with babies on the first night. Eventually we housed five babies for different time periods. two extended families and Zandile remained for thre months.

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