Little Big Bird - facts about sparrows.

I did my own little study about the Sparrow and was astounded that  this liitle bird was in fact BIG.

Scientific classification: Sparrows belong to the families Passeridae and Emberizidae of the order Passeriformes. The house sparrow is classified as Passer domesticus and the tree sparrow as Passer montanus. The song sparrow is classified as Melospiza melodia, the chipping sparrow as Spizella passerina, and the white-crowned sparrow as Zonotrichia leucophrys. The rock sparrows belong to the genus Petronia.
 Ps 84:3 Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even thine altars, O LORD of hosts, my King, and my God.
 Ps 102:7 I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.
Ps 84:3 Yea, the sparrow <tsippowr>
06833.  rwpu  tsippowr,  tsip-pore' 
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or tsippor {tsip-pore'}; from 6852; a little bird (as hopping):--bird, fowl, sparrow. 
Moses had a wif given him by a black priest
her name translated means "little Bird", Intaka,Mossie,Sparrow.


Mt 10:29 Are <poleo> not <ouchi> two <duo> sparrows <strouthion> sold <poleo> for a farthing <assarion>?
4765.  strouyion  strouthion,  stroo-thee'-on 
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diminutive of strouthos (a sparrow); a little sparrow:--sparrow.

Le 14:6 As for the living bird, he shall take it, and the cedar wood, and the scarlet, and the hyssop, and shall dip them and the living bird in the blood of the bird that was killed over the running water:
Le 14:6 As for the living <chay> bird <tsippowr>,

The significance of this little bird in the Holy Bible speaks volumes.

The Life and Conduct of Dr. Rowland Taylor of Hadley

“I say to my wife, and to my children, The Lord gave you unto me, and the Lord hath taken me from you, and you from me: blessed be the name of the Lord! I believe that they are blessed which die in the Lord. God careth for sparrows, and for the hairs of our heads. I have ever found Him more faithful and favorable, than is any father or husband. Trust ye therefore in Him by the means of our dear Savior Christ’s merits: believe, love, fear, and obey Him: pray to Him, for He hath promised to help. Count me not dead, for I shall certainly live, and never die. I go before, and you shall follow after, to our long home.” 

. Corneford, of Wortham; C. Browne, of Maidstone; J. Herst, of Ashford; Alice Snoth, and Catharine Knight, an Aged Woman

On the first day of the third week of our martyr’s sufferings, an object presented itself to his view, which made him indeed feel his tortures with all their force, and to execrate, with bitterness only short of cursing, the author of his misery. To mark and punish the proceedings of his tormentors, remained with the Most High, who noteth even the fall of a sparrow, and in whose sacred Word it is written,

But faith must penetrate deeper. After learning that there is a Creator, it must forthwith infer that he is also a Governor and Preserver, and that, not by producing a kind of general motion in the machine of the globe as well as in each of its parts, but by a special providence sustaining, cherishing, superintending, all the things which he has made, to the very minutest, even to a sparrow.

Chap. XXVI.—“Knowledge Puffeth up, but Love Edifieth.”

Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and not one of them falls to the ground without the will of your Father,” (Matt. 10:29) take occasion to reckon up the number of sparrows caught daily, whether over all the world or in some particular district, and to make inquiry as to the reason of so many having been captured yesterday, so many the day before, and so many again on this day, and should then join on the number of sparrows to his [particular] hypothesis, would he not in that case mislead himself altogether, and drive into absolute insanity those that agreed with him, since men are always eager in such matters to be thought to have discovered something more extraordinary than their masters?156VIII-1b-156

Chap. V.—On the Symbols of Pythagoras.

Now the Pythagorean symbols were connected with the Barbarian philosophy in the most recondite way. For instance, the Samian counsels “not to have a swallow in the house;” that is, not to receive a loquacious, whispering, garrulous man, who cannot contain what has been communicated to him. “For the swallow, and the turtle, and the sparrows of the field, know the times of their entrance,” (Jer. 8:6) says the Scripture; and one ought never to dwell with trifles. And the turtle-dove murmuring shows the thankless slander of fault-finding, and is rightly expelled the house.

Chap. XIII.—From Our Author’s View of a Verse in the Ninety-Second Psalm, the Phoenix Is Made a Symbol of the Resurrection of Our Bodies.

Our Lord has declared that we are “better than many sparrows:” (Matthew 10:33) well, if not better than many a phoenix too, it were no great thing. But must men die once for all, while birds in Arabia are sure of a resurrection?

Chap. XCI.
But besides, if birds of augury converse with one another,275IV-6d-275 as Celsus maintains they do, the prophetic birds having a divine nature, and the other rational animals also ideas of the divinity and foreknowledge of future events; and if they had communicated this knowledge to others, the sparrow mentioned in Homer would not have built her nest in the spot where a serpent was to devour her and her young ones, nor would the serpent in the writings of the same poet have failed to take precautions against being captured by the eagle. For this wonderful poet says, in his poem regarding the former:—

Poem of Venantius Honorius1II-1-1 Clementianus Fortunatus, On Easter.
Hence, in honour of you, the wood with its foliage applauds; hence the vine, with its silent shoot, gives thanks. Hence the thickets now resound with the whisper of birds; amidst these the sparrow sings with exuberant19II-1-19 love. O Christ, Thou Saviour of the world,

XV. That It Does Not Become Us to Revile Our Neighbours, Because Cursing Is Contrary to Christianity.
If, therefore, peace returns upon those that sent it, nay, upon those that before had actually given it, because it did not find persons fit to receive it, much rather will a curse return upon the head of him that unjustly sent it, because he to whom it was sent was not worthy to receive it: for all those who abuse others without a cause curse themselves, as Solomon says: “As birds and sparrows fly away, so the curse causeless shall not come upon any one.”

LINCOLN, ABRAHAM (1809–1865)

Sixteenth president of the United States, 1861–1865

I sincerely hope father may recover his health; but at all events tell him to remember to call upon and confide in our great and good and merciful Maker, who will not turn away from him in any extremity. He notes the fall of a sparrow and numbers the hair of our head, and He will not forget the dying man who puts his trust in Him.”

e.    sparrow (Lk. 12:6)

Lu 12:6 Are <poleo> not <ouchi> five <pente> sparrows <strouthion> sold <poleo> for two <duo> farthings <assarion>, and <kai> not <ou> one <heis> of <ek> them <autos> is <esti> forgotten <epilanthanomai> before <enopion> God <theos>?
Mt 10:29

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