Being I

Angel Guard

I have done some interesting things in life. Things "normal" people do not do. Things that put my life in danger and things that took me to the clouds and stars. I am not famous, I am over weight and just a normal guy that dresses down, instead of up.I was a journalist for a while,quite a while and
left it behind because I knew I could survive "out there" and survive I did.
Those were crazy days. days of sowing wild oats with a curly blond mane and a red motorbike.Brushing shoulders with "important" people if you think politicians are important. Like P W Botha and Eugene Terreblanche. Partying at Pik Botha's home and crisscrossing our lovely land.
Even in the Army I had a crazy life. Escorted National and International female journalists to the Bush War in Namibia and spending a night in D.B. Detention Barracks because I wanted to "save", a damsel in distress from a frisky Officer in the Officers Bar.
The Seedy Seven saved my butt by refusing to get on the Flossie until I was released. Got held in captivity by a Cougar, who was divorced from a Major for two days I would rather forget.Moved in with another who was a socialite and mingled with the Elite. She was 27 years my Senior and we enjoyed each other for a while.
Eloped with a Bombshell and got married after swimming in the nude under a Waterfall at Graskop.
returned Married to everyone's surprise including my Mother.Met legends like Koos Doep and P G du Plessis and many more and partied as if there is no tomorrow.
Interviewed legends and was enthralled.I lived it up, I was reckless and wild.I jumped from flower to flower like a honey drugged bee.Never satisfied never filled, always moving on  my mad war to conquer to still the pain to fill the emptiness inside.
Crossed the color line and got married to another race. lived in a Township for two years and experienced things I only ever heard about in urban legends.Got viciously assaulted by crazed mobs of white supremacists twice and lived to tell the tale.
Was nearly killed when I wrestled a pistol of a drug crazed man trying to shoot his girlfriend. Hunted gangsters armed with an illegal gun to punish a rapist. Frequented a shebeen where "One mus die" and did on a weekly basis.Watched people being killed in cold blood by gangsters and was saved by one when a mob attacked me. 
Took on a Union and battled them for two years, nearly costing my Life. lived with armed bodyguards and sipped Vodka laced orange juice in court without being detected because everyone feared my armed crazy personal bodyguard.
Was shot at and threatened with my life. Was stalked and followed and not once gave in to the intimidation and maddening stress.
Had a girlfriend half my age and shared  her  friends with mad abandon. Did what men only dream of and brag about when fueled up with alcohol.
Joined AIDS activists on a tour to Polokwane to a conference that resulted in Zuma being "crowned".Slept in my Car with them and on the floor in a house in the Township.
Accompanied two American pastors to Ulundi and was invited to come and Preach in America but declined.Housed a female "Prophet" and was seduced by her.
Bought a holiday home while drunk and later added three empty stands in Utrecht KZN.
Housed refugees that fled Xenophobia attacks for months and kept contact with some of them.
Suffered three heart attacks and a stroke due to my wild and stressful lifestyle.
Washed an Aids victim,who I barely knew,  in a Mortuary and helped dress him and put him in his coffin.
Rediscovered God in Rehab and learned things of my family I would rather not know.
Went looking for Mara and found my own daughter,I did not know of in America.
Started a small business from scratch and succeeded.
Slaughtered sheep and hunted Kudu with a friend.
I lived, I crossed the racial divide and learned the true meaning of our uniqueness and likeness at all levels.
Now I am left with a lot to do, a lot to achieve.

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  1. I have done some interesting things in life. Things "normal" people do not do. Things that put my life in danger and things that took me to the clouds and stars