My Diary January 2015 onwards

@2015 Braai
It is old news, burn it

New Year’s braai

Take all the hurt and insults

Worries and backlashes

Cut it up and

Fold it gently in news wrap

Take all the ailments

Illness and lurking

Disease and crush

It with rough salt

In your pestle

Add it to the news wrap

Take your ego

And need for

Love and attention

Add a dash of vodka

Liquefy it

And ad news wrap

At a cup of petrol

And soak the

News wrap

Now light your new year’s wrap

Ad fuel of choice

Hardwood, briquettes whatever

And light your braai fire

With it

2014 is so last year

Forget it and live

A prosperous and fulfilling life

May Peace and love and Prosperity
be with you in 2015
and forever


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