Wipe away the tears I know the heavy heart remain
the pain we feel our prayers a  refrain
like a sparrow born free
like a Lilly like a tree
our worries and our daily struggle
our needs our hunger emotions that juggle
just give me a kind face
a frown with smile replace
I know I feel you inside
where my hurt hide
see me from eons away
touch me in the place I stay
what is it I gain
 writing away my pain
will you also leave
when I receive
the gift of life
the promise of strife
I am alone
right to the bone
do you care
what I dare to share
stabbing my guilt
down to the hilt
Oh yes I know
when the moon glow
pulling life fluid 
drawing me to it
hear my song
I do belong
my last word spent
I cry and lament
It is i
great I am

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